good morning, good morning!

the love for coffee.

this happened a couple weeks ago!

lately, all day most days.......

watching prince of egypt.  i still can't even believe dreamworks even made that movie!

crazy cat.

my bff and me.  circa august 2011.
next year's curriculum!!  #homeschool

my new pour-over!!!

spring is in the air!

me li'l' leprechaun.

a yearly tradition:  reubens!  #happystpatricksday

my li'l' leprechaun babe!

poor kid's sick.  he's still a cutie, though.

"look mom!  we're having a sleepover!!"

two-year-old julian and me.  circa december 2008.

molly scarlet holding a dog.  this is a rarity.

spring has sprung.  happy spring!!!

"look mom!  he's poking his eye with his finger!" - julian  //  this is what he reverted to when he was done writing his verse of the week - grotesque doodles.

spring fever.

baby girl puked twice a week ago.  poor thing!!
"look mom!!  a pea sprouted!"

she's crazy.

obsessed.  all of us.
monday morning usual.......
monday afternoon stretch.

homemade raspberry & coconut water pops.

bowl of oranges.  #brighteyes

coconut oil & oat cookies.  freaking divine.

she says it's new york.  she's so smart.

an age when he's willing to help out.  God willing, it will only increase as he gets older.

the ONLY way she'll eat veggies of any kind.  #bolthousegreengoodness

being crazy in the car as usual.

recital costumes arrived!

best food from God's green earth.

favorite smoothie.

dreamy peaceful bright morning.

i'll take it!

molly piles this entire stack of books in her twin sized bed on a nightly basis and 'reads' them until she falls asleep of boredom.  then they fall off her bed from her tossing and turning.  true story.

this boy steals my heart every time i see him.

getting more and more independent.  i guess that's one of the goals of motherhood.  but still.......

molly  //  circa spring 2012  //  phoenix park, eau claire, wi


ten on ten!